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google review

The best temp agency you will ever worked for. They treat everyone as family. I recommended to anyone.


They the best recruiter i ever has they will finds you jobs fast.

Ge Vang

The lady’s in the office were a great and very helpful, always had a warm greeting! I would definitely be working with them again in the future!

Lisa Austin

Onsite Staffing has work right away for you. If a job doesnt work for you they can find something quick. Great customer service. They are amazing.

Rosalinda Duran

I have used their services, and couldn’t be happier! Definitely recommend On-Site Staffing.

Sunrise Flooring

The environment is very welcoming and the staff are super helpful and always ready to assist. Though I was only in Milwaukee for a short time, being employed by On-Site for that duration was what I needed to further my career opportunities. My supervisor, Ms. Rhonda was one of the best supervisors I had. The placement choice was perfect for me. I would’ve loved to stay had I continued residing in the Milwaukee are. I highly recommend both Jany and Trina! Don’t forget to ask for the transportation services if you have no rides either. First staffing agency I’ve seen to provide their own transportation services!


Very professional. Got a job right away!!!!
Thank you ladies 😁

Suri Correa