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Staffing AgencyOn-Site Staffing Services is a family-owned and managed employment agency, that unlike any other service in Greenfield, WI, takes a hands-on approach. We are fully-accredited women and minority-owned businesses, and therefore, understand the importance of diversity in your workplace. We understand your need for a partner who “just gets it,” and On-Site Staffing Service understands. For us, offering quality services is all that matters.

Your Ideal Greenfield WI Staffing Partner

Hiring is a tedious and expensive exercise, regardless of whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent fit. On-Site Staffing Service will help you save precious time offering top-rated candidates with matching skills and experience to help you achieve your objectives. It doesn’t matter what size your business is; you could be a Fortune 500 company, a start-up or even a government agency, we will partner with you to build a dynamic workforce solution that will help your organization in the most efficient ways possible. Our philosophy, combined with our hands-on approach, is focused on placing our client’s needs above everything and providing the most dynamic top-rated workforce in the greater Greenfield, WI area.

We Understand Business. We Understand Work. We understand Careers

When it comes to getting the right candidates for your business, you require a professional, reliable, and reputable partner. We have been in the staffing business for quite some time, and in the process helped companies and organizations such as yours rapidly adjust to workforce needs. We aim to offer the finest quality staffing service to both Greenfield, WI and the surrounding areas. We seek to match the best candidates with our clients to ensure their temporary staffing needs are met with great satisfaction. We take time to listen to our clients’ needs, identify the best talent whose skills and experiences are in line with the market requirements to ensure success while building a lasting business partnership based on integrity, trust and confidentiality.

On-Site Staffing Methodology

As a fully accredited woman and minority-owned staffing firm, we understand Greenfield, WI’s unique challenges when it comes to its job market and hiring environment. Upon obtaining a thorough understanding of our client’s recruitment needs, our recruitment team implements a tailored recruitment solution that incorporates searching through our candidate database, targeted search, headhunting and advertising. We maintain an extensive candidate database and invest in it to ensure that our clients have the best candidates the market has to offer. Further, On-Site Staffing Agency has a team of dedicated recruiting researchers who network across the marketplace to identify the best staffing candidates. There’s no search too difficult for us to fill.

Your Business, Our Obligation

It doesn’t matter where you’re located in WI, our professional team at Greenfield, WI, are firm believers in specialization and focus. On-Site Staffing is a proven staffing resource for business, government agencies, and non-profit organizations who seek personalized services from the best staffing agency offering an established employment network.

Our business involves matching candidate abilities to our client’s needs, something that requires knowledge and sound instinct — our outstanding record shows. With our extensive experience in the industry, our staff continuity and expertise continue to yield high quality with consistent success when it comes to staffing results.

Why Choose On-Site Staffing Services

Risk-Free Guarantee

Hire your next employee without risk. You have 90 days to test a worker on the job to evaluate their skills and personality, with On-Site Staffing Services paying for employee’s benefits. If you’re not happy, we will quickly replace with a better candidate.

General Liability

A form of insurance sold to businesses to indemnify the business for third party liability claims due to negligence. Coverage can include premises and operations liability for onsite and jobsite accidents and products liability claims for products that injure third parties.

Third Party Fidelity

Fidelity or Commerce Dishonesty Bond (aka Employee Dishonesty) provides coverage when an employee steals money, equipment or other assets from you or one of your clients. First Party Fidelity covers your property and Third Party Fidelity applies to your client’s property.